Special Events

Semi-private room rental & venue buyouts

Venue seats 100-125 with seating & food bar/buffet variations.
Semi-private room seats 28-36 with seating & food bar/buffet variations.

Plan a special event for gatherings of 20 or more

Corporate team building.
Informal business meetings that are fun.
Thursday & Friday daytime lunch meetings without gaming.
Employee celebrations throughout the year and year-end.
Same reasons for seat reservations when you have a large group.

Menu options are varied - food & beverage minimums apply

We have a variety of food options from casual bbq to sit-down dinner service.

Minimums apply based on day of week and time of event with Friday and Saturday evening being peak, Saturday and Sunday daytime is second peak, weekday evening is next tier and finally weekday during the day. All this information will be sent to you once we know what your wants and needs are.

For availability and event planning please email:

with the minimum following information and we will be in contact shortly:

  1. Day of Week, Date, Guest arrival and end time
  2. Number of Guests and age ranges
  3. Purpose of Event/Occasion
  4. Full description of vision, ie casual munchies or bbq, or taco self-serve bar / brunch with hosted mimosas / sit down lunch or dinner / etc.
  5. Host or No-host bar. If hosted, how many alcoholic beverages per person
  6. The more you tell us the better were able to provide a quote to meet your needs and we can then…
  7. PASS GO! And proceed to FUN!