Reservations and Events

Board Game Republic is the place to gather and have fun while playing board games and enjoying food & drink!

Imagine all this game entertainment for a cost much less than a movie ticket - and you can socialize rather than being in the dark.

We have plenty of lunch or dinner options, as well as snacks, desserts and a full bar. As a restaurant we are not age-restrictive but please consider that adults play and socialize with adult humor. As a restaurant, our food, beverages and service are taxable and gratuity is customary to honor your servers who, not only provide table service, but are Game Pros who happily make game recommendations and even teach games as time permits.

Seat Reservation

Consider a seat reservation when you are visiting on Friday or Saturday night, or have a group of 8 or more.

Special Event

Consider us for your Special Event for a group of 20 or more and let's explore options for Special Menus.