About Us

What is Board Game Republic
& who is behind it?

We believe board games make the world a better place. Nothing gives people a better chance to unplug, sit down, and reconnect. And in today's world, we seem to be connecting less and less on any significant level.

So we are teaming up to bring Denver a great, new, trendy spot to grab nourishment for the body and soul. Offering Colorado craft brews and other spirts, with crepes, panini, salads and sweets, you'll be able to satisfy your food cravings. And for your board game cravings, choose from our library of 650+ games which includes everything from classics to new releases, word games to party games, 2-player to 12-player games, thoughtful to silly diversions, and everything in-between.

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So come on in to meet some new friends, or connect with colleagues, family and friends.

It's the perfect place to Sit Down, Unplug, and Reconnect. We'll be waiting for you!

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What is a board game pub? How does it work?
For us a board game pub is the perfect place to gather with others and get your game on! It's a comfortable place with a great atmosphere, tasty bites, good beer and drinks available, and for a modest per person table fee, a place where you can sample any of our 700+ board games with the help of our Play Pro staff who will help you choose, learn and expand your gaming 'vocabulary'.

Only $5 per person for unlimited access to all or our board games

"...The staff introduced us to a few new, really fun games.
And the best part was they explain how to play them...no reading directions!!..."

-Megan M.

Many of you helped us add some great, fun features to our space.
We want to thank our kickstarter supports:

Robert Adducci, Daniel Alexander, Jeff Anderson, Allen Ashley, John Bell, Andrew Birkett, Zachary Bouck, Peggy Brown, Matt Brownell, K.D. Bryan, Mark Buffington, Scott Burns, Mark Burrell, Paul Caouette, Marco Capitelli, Kerri Claussen, Heather Clisby, Howard Cole, David Crandall, Jenna Crawford, Matthew Davidson, Andrea Davis, Thomas Dean, Jack Degnan, Shaminder Dhillon, Danielle Dominguez, Doreen Dotto, Spencer Duncan, Jeremiah Dwyer, Keith Eiler, Christopher Emerson, Justin Farr, John Fiala, Cynthia Finnell, Foam Brain Games, Matt Forcella, Connor Freer, Johanna Frisendahl, Robert Fruth, Missa Gallivan, Vicky Garza, Mary Gaston, Alisha Geiwitz, Steven Goalen, Bobbe Hart, Dustin Hatchett, Beki Hemingway Kerkman, John Hernandez, Monica Holck, Lance Holly, HoLo Games, Diana Horowitz, Robert Hoschouer, Scott Hunt, Will & Steffani Hunter, Sidney Innerebner, Helen Jacobsen, Max Johnson, Tim V Johnson, Joyce & Tim Johnson, Tim Jones, Walter Kealey, Cobun Keegan, Jolayne Keller, Shawn Kennedy, Mark Kieffer, Stephen Klein, Eugene Ko, CJ Kremp, Bruce Kruger, Rita LaForett, Stetson Lee, Suzanne Leff, Christian Lemay, Sean Lindblom, Susan & Thad Ludwig, Deanna Lyn-Piwowarczyk, Mary Maestas, Lisa Manglass, Richard Matney, Colleen McCarthy-Evans, Timm Metivier, Matthew Meurer-Lynn, Stephanie Meyers, Justin Meyers, Tamara Miller, Kate Mink, Brandy Moe, Colten Moore, Nick Naglich, Andrea Nickell, Mindy Nickler, Lita E.R. O'Donnell, Rebecca O'Rork, Steven Oatney, Ashley Oliver, Aaron Olsen, Steve Patterson, Catherine Pisano, Playroom Entertainment, James Poteet, Wendy Reischl, Mike Risley, Eric Ritter, Frank Romero, Angie Rubeck, Paul Salyers, Christy Sanchez, Cindy Schenck, Jason Schneider, Davin Shallow, Joey Smith, Elizabeth Snow, Brett Sobol, Andy Staats, Kelly Stainback-Tracy, Nathan Stern, Michael Stern, Rachel Sullivan, Robert Swenson, Chris Tice, Kristen Torres, Jerrod Warr, John Warren, Emily Webster, Tim White, Eric Williams, Drew Yeh, Kevin M Yen, Hank Zimmerman.